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The Debate About ADHD, Parents Need To Do More

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Attention Deficit Disorder can be helped greatly if it is diagnosed in the early years. Unfortunately, since schools are cutting down back on many of their services, a good work-up by an educational psychologist may not be done and the child may fall farther and farther behind in school.

Many of these kids drop out, join gangs, and eventually may end up in prison unless they get adequate help. Seventy-five percent of dropouts end up in prison; a scary statistic.

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With the success of Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, some doctors are saying that having A.D.H.D is an advantage. If you are a parent of one or more kids with this disorder, you may think differently. If a child is identified early and given special help, his or her self-esteem will not lessened, as it may be if they cannot succeed in school. See Treating ADHD Symptoms Without Medication >>

If pediatricians did complete physical examinations including a few neurological tests, early diagnosis couold be made in the doctor's office and then documented by appropriate psychological testing. There are so-called minimal neurological signs that can be found on even a fairly brief examination. However, the 8.5 minutes per patient that are alloted many doctors does not allow time for much of an examination.

Thus, many A.D.H.D. kids go through life feeling inadequate and unhappy. Parents are the experts with their kids and if there is any question about a child having this disorder, I would insist and demand, as a parent, that appropriate testing and treatment be given.

The author of this story is Dr. Charlotte Thompson who blogs here.