Researchers Explores Connection Between Weight and Self Esteem

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HCG Diet Direct offers a homeopathic remedy to obesity; and some experts are indicating that curing obesity could have a major effect on decreasing or eliminating low self esteem issues. Weight gain usually occurs as a result of a significant event. But sometimes the significant event goes unidentified because it isn’t recent.

Many experts have indicated that there is a link between emotional problems during childhood and adult obesity. These theories are based on studies in which indicated that problems with anxiety or low self esteem as a child left an individual at a greater risk of living as an obese adult. This type of conclusion only emphasizes that fact that emotional issues should be intercepted at an early age so as to cause the least lasting damage.


Jenny Boynton of HCG Diet Direct said, “I’d go so far as to say that every individual who came in to the program and followed it and lost the weight went away feeling like they were a better person. It doesn’t matter that they were really the same person leaving as they were when they arrive minus a few pounds. They felt better. And that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to self esteem.”

The increased self esteem that comes with the loss of unnecessary or unhealthy weight is beneficial in the personal and professional life of the individual. In addition, the increased self esteem increases the probability that the individual will incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle.

Written by Jenny Boynton