Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program Highlights Most Successful Diet in History

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Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program

The Mediterranean Diet weight loss program that is considered to be the healthiest diet in history is now available on-line at This diet program is "healthier and more satisfying than most other diets "says Ayhan, a successful Long Island restaurateur with 6 restaurants. Ayhan also markets a line of healthy Mediterranean salad dressings and other specialty foods.

According to Ayhan, "we are proud to introduce a structured weight loss plan based on the Mediterranean Diet which USA Today featured as the healthiest cuisine in the world. The recipes of the Mediterranean diet program are portion-controlled versions of what we serve in my restaurants and are delicious as well as easy to prepare. And by using olive oil and flavorful ingredients people are more likely to be satisfied and stay on the diet, and thereby more successful in their weight loss efforts."


The nutritional content of each recipe in the Mediterranean Diet program is provided by Debra Grossano, MS, KD, CDN, CDE, a certified dietitian. "The Mediterranean diet is more balanced and heart healthier than Atkins or many other diets," attests Grossano, "And many scientific studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet results in people living longer, healthier lives."

Diets are customized by dietitians and endorsed by doctors. Two online options start with the participants filling out a profile in order to receive their calorie goals. Program One provides 28 days of recipes per month, a success journal, online nutritional counseling, and tips on eating out... all for a relatively inexpensive $19.50 per month. Program Two costs $39.50 per month and provides all of the above plus a food pack consisting of 15 items which are used in the recipes. Participants also purchase fresh seafood, meat, vegetables and other items as called for in the recipes. is convenient enough for all dieters since it is easily purchased online and is easy to follow. The Mediterranean diet plans offered include fast and easy recipes and many of the items can be purchased on the same website. Ayhan's acclaimed All Natural Salad Dressings are an important benefit of the program. There is also an Anti-Aging Maintenance Plan that includes a special exercise program designed by fitness expert and author Liz Gillies. According to Ayhan, "our goal is to help people get healthy with our weight loss plans, and to stay healthy with our Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle program."

The Mediterranean diet has been around for centuries and countless people have lived a longer, healthier and happier life as a result. Now, the benefits of this amazing diet, the Mediterranean diet can be easily enjoyed and followed by people around the world with this online program that is easy to follow. - (PRWEB)