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5 Healthy Dinners That Will Satisfy Your

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Delicious Diet

I have several friends who look at the quick and healthy recipes on my website, and say, "God, they all look so good, but my husband is so picky, he wouldn't eat them." This does make meal planning a little more difficult, but with a little creativity, you can still enjoy many delicious, healthy meals - even with the pickiest husband or family.

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Here are five delicious ideas you can try, which meet your healthy diet expectations:

  • Believe it or not, pork tenderloin is quite lean actually comparable with chicken breast. Marinate a pork tenderloin with some delicious flavorings, grill or bake and serve with brown rice and steamed green beans. Keep it healthy by minimizing butter.

  • Meatloaf is an old-standby that can be modified to make it lighter, yet still tasty. Make a meatloaf with ground turkey or extra lean ground beef. Again, eaten in moderation with mashed potatoes and peas, you will


i hope thsi plan work which my friends tell me all the time that this work.