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Doctor Says Energy Medicine one of Beverly Hills Secrets

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Celebrities living in Beverly Hills techniques of energy medicine like BioMat, Cranial Electro Stimulation, Neuroacoustic Therapy and Access Energy Transformation physically and mentally rejuvenating themselves. Dr. Thom Lobe, Medical Director of Beneveda Medical Group calls the energy medicine as one of the top kept secrets in Beverly Hills, CA and shares tips of how everyone can do int in their homes.

Draw pictures upside down – This stimulates your intuition and creativity and generates energy. We think with our left brain and we can burn ourselves out and suppress our right brain creativity. This saps our energy. One way to combat this is to stimulate our right brain more, and a simple and effective way to do this is to draw objects upside down. In other words, look at something and instead of drawing it as you see it, draw it standing on its head. This requires a different part of your brain to activate and the process not only enhances your creativity, but it energizes you as well.

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Exercise and stretch in your chair - Take breaks based on keyboard/mouse usage and time at-the-computer. DeskActive Software is an efficient, economical way to maintain your energy and balance without leaving the chair at your desk. It allows you periodic stretch and exercise exactly when you need it most. It is very effective at keeping you awake, alert and energized

Take mini breaks 20 minutes out of every two hours –Biologically speaking, we need to recharge our batteries for about 20 minutes out of every 90-120 minutes of work. A simple way to do this is to stop what you are doing, close your eyes and visualize yourself going on a mini-vacation. Put your work aside, take a deep breath and let your mind wander to pleasant and relaxing thoughts, for 20 minutes. You’ll find that this gives you more energy, keeps your mind sharper, promotes creativity and allows you to be more productive in the time you spend at your desk.

Healthy snacks – Eat a good breakfast that includes proteins (such as eggs; either whites or whole eggs work). Healthy snacks during the course of the day that include protein but not sugar (such as a hard boiled egg, cheese sticks) provide longer lasting energy to avoid the sugar slump. Minimize caffeine.