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Safeguard Health Insurance Card To Prevent Identity Theft

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Good Morning America this Sunday featured an important topic about medical identity theft and how to protect yourself from medical identity theft. There are several tips to prevent it from happening. One is to safeguard your health insurance card and look for inconsistencies in your health insurance statements as well as in your medical records.

Medical identity theft is closely related to health insurance. Medical identity theft is the type of ID theft when someone steals your identity and either obtains health insurance in your name or uses your current medical insurance policy to obtain treatment or prescriptions. You can be denied health insurance coverage or lose your current health coverage because of false information placed in your medical record.

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This is why we mentioned to safeguard your health insurance card and check your medical bills for inconsistencies. When someone takes your healht insurance card an identity can receive treatment for an injury to his hand using a stolen identity. Now, the identity theft victim will receive letters demanding payment for drugs and services rendered to the thief. Inconsistencies in your health insurance bill should quickly reveal this type of situation and help you to take actions to protect your medical identity and records.

With the ever-increasing cost of health insurance in the United States, medical identity theft is becoming more common. When someone else uses your name to obtain health benefits or prescription drugs, you can lose your health insurance coverage because of the false information in your medical record. This can haunt you for years, since medical databases are notoriously slow to update.

Here are some tips to prevent medical identity theft. First, is not to give your personal information to someone you did not call. In the past we have had situations when social security numbers could appear in your health insurance or driver's license cards. Individuals need to change them. "Don't use your Social Security number for identification purposes unless you are required to do so by law. It has been against the law for since Dec. 17, 2005 for states to use your Social Security number as your driver's license number. Be sure to get a new license number if your current license still has your Social Security number. Also, change your health insurance card number from your Social Security number," suggests FPA Financial Planning Association.

Consumers and individuals are encouraged to be more vigilant protecting themselves against medical identity theft. The rising cost of health insurance and health care in USA make us more vulnerable for this type of identity theft.