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Emotional State Makes One Feel Hot Or Cold

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People who are socially rejected, emotionally stressed feel colder and are inclined to have hotter meals and vice versa.

A team of researchers from University of Toronto examined 65 students, most of whom were emigrants. The students were divided into two groups and were asked to remember the last time they were socially rejected or accepted. The participants were then asked to estimate room temperature - those who were recently rejected, gave 5 Fahrenheit degrees lower than the accepted students did.

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Another trial involved 52 participants who were asked to play a computer game. They were throwing a virtual ball back and forth and there were 3 people playing simultaneously, and the computer was taking ball away from some of the students and ignoring them. The rest of the students were kept playing. When the game was finished, participants were asked to make lunch choices from the following offered types: hot soup, coffee, apple, crackers. Those who were ignored during the game preferred a hot soup or a coffee, while the others preferred something cold.

The study shows that one's social and emotional state can significantly affect his feelings. While a thermometer shows the same temperature for a room, different people may feel differently about it. Researchers suggests that a brain area called insula controls body temperature and psychological state, and probably here is where the physical and emotional feelings meet each other.

Therefore, if there is someone in your office constantly having hot drinks and wearing worm clothes, this means that he maybe socially ignored. And if there is one always having an ice-cream and not feeling cold even in winter, he is probably socially accepted and in a good mood.