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Forty Percent of Bottled Water Is Tap Water

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Millions of Americans seem to think that bottled water is healthier than the tap, but as Thalia Assuras reports, tap water is regulated more strictly and may be better for you. Also the research shows that 40 percent of the bottled water actually comes out of taps, including Aquafina, Dasani and Pure LIfe.

Consumers think bottled water is safe, but it's actually the opposite. The accompanying material says that it's a scam. Tap water has to be tested more often than the bottled water. The companies don't test the water once it's bottled and you really don't know what you are getting.

Bottled water safety is tested by FDA, which actually has no program of doing that, whereas the tap watter has thousands of ways of being tested by the environmental agencies, therefore making the tap water safer and raising serious questions about the safety of bottled water.

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