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How To Feel Loved This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day stress releif

Does your heart beat a little faster when the post arrives on the Valentine's Day on February 14th? Or does it all just stress you out?

Valentine’s Day is the traditional time all over the world when special relationships are marked. But that doesn’t work for everyone. So here’s the good news. You don’t need another person to make yourself feel wanted this Valentine’s. You can do it yourself instead. Here’s how to feel the love!

Get massaging– try squeezing your right shoulder with your left hand. Squeeze gently and then release. Repeat down the right arm to the elbow several times. Place your right hand on your left shoulder and repeat. You can do this to yourself or to someone else, and will help relieve tension in your shoulders and arms.

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Give the smell of love – research shows that aromatherapy oils have a significant effect on mood. So if you’re on your own, have a look at our extensive range, and find one that suits your mood. Or if you’re with a partner, try our Romance essential oil blend for a sensual mood.

Gather some endorphins – give a friend a heartfelt hug. Stroke a pet cat or dog. Or watch a comedy film. All of these will increase the ‘happy chemicals’ in your brain by boosting your endorphin levels.

Get pampering – try a sensual pampering session, Works just as well for someone special, or just for you.

Spread the love – make Valentine’s Day about your friends. After all, it’s what they do in Finland and Guatemala. Show them you appreciate them – send them a text to say Hi, give them a call, send a card. Just make contact.