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Stress Relief Tips For Back To Work Or School

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Enjoy the summer? Glad we’re all back at school or work? Well if you’re feeling a bit sluggish because you didn’t get a proper break (or if the thought of a new financial quarter is driving you to despair, or a new term is causing your children stress) we have some suggestions to help you cope with stress.

Visualise your stress away.

Harness the power of the brain to help you de-stress. Here are two tried and tested exercises for kids and adults alike:

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• Goo! Imagine your stress is a thick green goo and it’s all over your arms. As you touch it, it peels off quite easily. So start rubbing the goo off your arms and watch as it falls to the floor. Then get an imaginary broom and sweep it out of your imaginary door with a decisive imaginary flourish!

Benefits: helps you visualise stress as a physical substance and gives you a strategy to remove it. Also leaves your skin tingling with life after stimulating the millions of nerve endings in the skin.

• Slap! Hold out your arm and imagine that all the stress in your body is suddenly drawn to your outstretched hand. See it growing into a big ball filled with stress. And then – SLAP – clap your hands together suddenly to burst the stress ball and see the pieces just fly away, never to return.

Benefits: This sudden action helps you change your mood. The unexpected movement is called a ‘pattern interrupt’ and literally interrupts the brain’s thought pattern and resets how you feel. Sort of like giving yourself a good old shake!