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Doctor Says Water and Garlic Key to Good Health

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In the heart of the winter season many find it difficult to stay healthy as temperatures dip to the freezing mark. We have been taught that eating well and exercising helps our bodies build a strong immune system to fight off the cold and flu, as well as other ailments. But what specific steps can one take each day to ensure we are strengthening our body and mind to stay as healthy as possible?

Dr. Alexander Kanevsky, MD is a leading physician with an expertise in both western and eastern medicine. Starting out as a surgical oncologist, and moving on to incorporate approaches for healing the body and mind, he has helped countless patients recover from serious illnesses. Now, he offers some top tips to build and maintain a healthy body and mind during the grey days of winter when the immune system is most challenged.

Tip 1: Drink 6-8 glasses of fluid each day. For some people teas and juices are more beneficial than water. This provides a medium for elimination from one’s body of its toxins, wastes, and products of breaking up of blood stasis and abdominal masses.

Tip 2: Take Vitamin C with garlic. It is recommended to take two oil based capsules of garlic with 500-1000mg of Vitamin C seven days each month. It will strengthen body’s resistance, blood, energy, circulation, compensatory function, eliminate existing infection and prevent new infections from arising.

Tip 3: Exercise. Among the best exercises are Wu Shu, Qi Gong, if learnt by authentic source, or else do very simple relaxing walking without haste following the natural pace of your body. Exercise every day for the rest of your life, in a light time of a day, when tired, stop and restart when ready for a new one. This helps dredging blood, energy, replenishing and invigorating muscles, bones, tendons, vessels, channels, skin and internal organs.

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Tip 4: Eat plenty of green peas, chestnuts, fish, asparagus, cinnamon, parsley, cranberries, citruses, and ginger for the winter months. These foods help strengthen kidneys and gallbladder – parts of the body we depend upon greatly in the winter months.

Tip 5: Sleep 6-8 hours a day depending on your constitution, immediate body needs, and present status of your body. If your body has a surplus it may require then less than 6 hours, whereas if your body is deficient of energy and composition it may require more than 8 hours. Go to bed early and sleep late in winter (and adopt the reverse schedule in the summer). It is advised to rest between 7 and 9 pm in the winter.

Tip 6: Take time to meditate: Meditation reconnects your mind and helps establish peace with nature and universe. A positive reaction from mediation is that the pineal gland begins producing exactly right hormones to restore your body from illnesses and helps prolong your life.

Tip 7: Use hydrotherapy. Take contrast showers alternating hot and cold water. Also try to swim in natural water when you can – such as in an ocean, lake or river. It will help extracting excessive retentive diseased compositions from the very depth of your body and work to strengthen your immune function.

Dr. Alexander Kanevsky, MD is a prominent physician based in Princeton, New Jersey with over twenty five years of experience restoring and prolonging the life of patients with incurable illnesses.

By Christina Daigneault