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3 Things To Do When You Feel Like a Failure in a Bipolar Mixed Episode

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Mixed episodes in Bipolar disorder are very difficult to handle. What to do in this situation when you feel like you are a failure (which you are not).


People who have a mixed episode feel like they are broke down. Sleepless nights, racing thoughts and depression brake them down. What makes it even more difficult is that sometimes even family members don't understand them. Husbands and wives sometimes don't get what their spouse is going through and the suffering spouse has to pretend to be ok. They get overly angry and irritated.

What are mixed episodes

According to WebMD, "Mixed episodes are common in people with bipolar disorder -- half or more of people with bipolar disorder have at least some mania symptoms during a full episode of depression. Those who develop bipolar disorder at a younger age, particularly in adolescence, may be more likely to have mixed episodes. People who develop episodes with mixed features may also develop "pure" depressed or "pure" manic or hypomanic phases of bipolar illness. People who have episodes of major depression but not full episodes of mania or hypomania also can sometimes have low-grade mania symptoms. These are symptoms that are not severe or extensive enough to be classified as bipolar disorder. This is referred to as an episode of "mixed depression" or a unipolar (major) depressive episode with mixed features."

It is very sad and awful someone should feel this way. It is especially sad if the necessary support is lacking in a marriage.

We should remember that no one in this situation is a failure.

We have a free will and live in a fallen world. But everyone is created in an image and likeness of God. Everyone is created wonderfully.

We should know, that there is no peace without God. Believing is not knowing that there is God, but living your life according to His commandments because we will hurt ourselves if we ignore His commandments. We will wound ourselves if we ignore the path of God.

What To Do in a Bipolar Mixed Episode When You Feel Like You Are A Failure

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In this situation like this when you feel like you are a failure, I would try to examine myself and see if my life is led in accordance with the will of God. Are there people whom I am not able to forgive? If yes, how do I learn to forgive them and what are the first steps. Believe me, forgiving people is a very liberating experience.

The second thing you could do when you feel like you are a failure is to stop thinking only about yourself and think about the people around you. Many times we are so caught up by our own passions that we forget about the people around us and their needs. We simply ignore them. Then we become very unhappy because we are unable to realize our own passions and selfish desires. Holy people, whom we call the Fathers of the Church, suggest doing acts of kindness.

For example: Have you ever been in your city's soup kitchen? Go there and volunteer once a month or once a week. Feed the hungry. You will not believe the joy you will feel when you see the smile in the face of the homeless people whom you feed. Go to your city's Public Library and offer to volunteer there. Find an act of kindness and volunteer. Service other people. Serving others is a tremendous joy if done with love.

The third, consider the mistakes of your own life. Do you remember and wrong thoughts you have harbored or the mistakes you have committed to other people? Do you feel sorry for them? Do you repent of them? Repentance with tears is the most liberating experience in this world.

You may say, how would these actions help someone who is struggling with depression?

Any time you move your mind from thinking only about your passions to thinking about other people you put it in the right direction. All of the sudden the realization of your own desires is not the most important thing for you, for which you cry and fall into depression when they don't happen, but serving others and doing good becomes more important for you.

I look at everything from a Christian point of view. Holy people say if you sit down and praise the Lord unceasingly for at least 15 minutes you will experience a huge change, a joyful space in your heart.

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I am not a licensed counselor, but I will be happy to listen and provide practical Christian answers if you struggling with a family issue and would like to talk one on one. I can be contacted here.