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3 Day Fasting Diet Results: Weight Loss and Regeneration of Entire Immune System

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Benefits of Fasting and Results

University of Southern California researchers have discovered that if you fast for three days it can produce amazing results not only related to your weight loss, but also can regenerate entire immune system even in the elderly people.


These findings on fasting is two years old, but I wanted to see what results people, who do intermittent or 3 day fasting, report. There is an interesting discussion on the subject of fasting in Ketogenic Success Facebook group, where people share how 3 day fasting benefited their weight loss or health.

Here are few interesting quotes from that discussion.

"I did a 3 day fast last week. It wasn't my first attempt, but it was my first successful 72 hour fast. My intention is to do it at least once a month, combined with intermittent fasting. I don't work out regularly, but I was operating on normal energy levels most of the time, maybe a little more energy as the fast progressed," writes Donna. She then adds that she was only consuming coffee, tea and water, and one cup of broth the first day because she felt low on electrolytes. She didn't put anything in her coffee or tea, but put some butter butter in the cup of broth, which she was taking as well because she wrote she was feeling slightly woozy.

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A group member named Brook, describes her experience of nearly completing the 3 day fast. Here is what she writes. "I am 5 hours from finishing my first 72 hour fast (water, black coffee, and tea only) I keep reading that people say that the hunger goes away on day two I have been hungry all day today and really feel like I am pushing to hit that 72 hour mark. I had considered trying to go a little further, but as a headache is starting now along with the constant hunger, and a foggy head, I think my body is saying it's time to eat something. I also plan on doing an extended fast every month along with a weekly 24 hour fast. Maybe next time I will push it a few more hours but this time I plan on eating at the 72 hour mark."

Here is another experience from a person who has done 3, 5, 7 and 10 day fasting. "I have done 3, 5, 7, and 10 day fasts for health reasons and I can testify that it changed my entire life -- not exaggerating. I had a serious, debilitating disease that required lifelong medication, which sort of worked sometimes. I have been medication free since my 4th fast over a decade ago. The most beneficial were the 5 and 7 day fasts, or maybe it just seemed that way. Three days is not enough and 10 is hard to manage around work. It's not at all dangerous if you have baseline health, and an open mind," writes Pamela.

"I did a 7 day juice-only (when hungry) fast several years ago. Not sure how well I'd do with nothing, but water. But I can tell you, I felt incredible. I did it for religious reasons and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd thought it would be. I imagine it would be easier now since I'm no longer used to eating junk every couple hours. I have started doing some IF, but this makes me want to jump in with full days," writes Melinda.

Someone I know, did a 3 day fasting. Not for diet or weight loss, but as a Christian, to weaken the body's desires and progress spiritually. He came out renewed. His family life improved. He says passions like jealousy and envy decreased and love toward God and fellow human beings increased.

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