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3 Day Dry Fasting Is Not a Tool For a Permanent Weight Loss, but a Means of Self-Control

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Dry fasting man praying for self control

Many people think that since fasting for a day or three days is a great challenge to overcome they will lose a considerable amount of weight. This is not true. You will lose water and your body will quickly recover that water. The true benefit of fasting is self-control, not a permanent weight loss.


"Does anyone have a 3 day dry fast before and after pics?" was the question this morning I read in one of the popular dry fasting support groups on Facebook.

Short-term or intermittent fasting doesn't help to lose weight. In fact, in this study by Oregon Research Institute, researchers in 2013 found that intermittent fasting can make You gain weight. "The story is a familiar one: most people are able to lose weight while dieting but once the diet is over, the weight comes back. Many of us can personally attest that caloric deprivation weight loss diets typically do not produce lasting weight loss," said Dr. Eric Stice, who headed up the study.

I know a man who does water fasting for spiritual reasons, twice a week. He is not losing any weight. In fact, he recently gained some weight.

The true goal of fasting is not the weight loss but self-control.

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Lose Weight by Sustainable Means

Another person in that same group, who has done a 36 hour dry fast testifies that a short-term fasting is not an effective tool for a permanent weight loss.

"I did a 36 hour dry fast recently. I did for non-weight related reasons. I lost about 2.5 kgs (5.5 lbs) that came back with water and food in about a day or so.

"Now the point being, and this is just my opinion, please don’t use a short-term dry fast as a tool to lose weight. It won’t be sustainable and you would be caught in the loop. Lose weight by sustainable means and only do dry fasting for health reasons, to gain self-control, autophagy etc."

Don't be deceived by those before and after weight loss photographs that people post on Facebook after a short dry fast. You would see a difference in before and after photograph, but usually there is no difference in any photograph taken three days after the "after photograph."