Former Nursing Home Nurse Thought Patients Lived Long Enough

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The Illinois Department of Public Health has fined Woodstock Residence $10,000 (Statement of Violation) for failure to take the necessary precautions to assure a resident’s safety. The 115-bed skilled care facility is located at 309 McHenry Ave. in Woodstock.

Responding to a complaint, Department surveyors learned an 85-year-old resident was injured when she became wedged between the mattress and side rail on her bed. The woman was treated for a puncture wound to her left eye.

After interviewing maintenance staff, surveyors determined that a recent supply of side rails did not fit securely against the bed mattresses, which allowed the mattresses to slide creating a gap on one side of the bed. The facility has since begun bolting the side rails to the bed frames to alleviate the problem.


A Department-ordered plan of correction required the facility to take all necessary precautions to keep the residents’ environment free from accident hazards.

This was reported on September 5, but in a new report from AP "according to an investigation, a former nurse at a northern Illinois facility allegedly doled out "medication cocktails" to patients she thought had lived long enough or so that she could have a "quiet shift."

"No one is identified by name in the Illinois Department of Public Health's 130-page investigative report on the Woodstock Residence. But a document obtained by The Associated Press says the nurse identified as "E14" is 57-year-old Marty Himebaugh."