Christian Children's Book Helps Dealing With Terminal Illness

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Angels visit the children's cancer ward in Hannah Grace's Heavenly Hugs (published by AuthorHouse), a new children's book written as a resource offering hope and comfort for families coping with terminal illness.

Grace was inspired to write the book when she became the nanny for children whose mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. "It was hard to write without tears, because of the truth that we are all in need of love and hope in difficult times," says Grace.

The compassionate angels of Heavenly Hugs keep diligent watch over ill children and their families, walking the hospital hallways and even singing them to sleep at night. Through prayer, the children are reassured of their heaven-sent celestial protectors. Grace writes:


I am just a small child in a sad world of hurts / I don't always know why I hurt but my angel is with me / When the nighttime comes along and the darkness steals my song, angel wings surround me with heavenly hugs to hold me

Heavenly Hugs also reserves a section in the book where children may write letters to God. These letters act as a source of comfort for a child or a keepsake for remembering a loved one.

Beautiful illustrations of angels in hospital rooms and playrooms express a message of love and hope that even children who may not be able to read can enjoy. The angels' constant watch reminds readers that God provides angels and that no one is ever alone.

Hannah Grace was born in Ravenswood, Va., and grew up in West Virginia. Before becoming an author, Grace was a nanny. She now lives outside Washington, D.C., and enjoys the peace and tranquility of the Maryland countryside. She has written two other children's books titled Held in Heaven's Hands (a grief sequel to Heavenly Hugs) and Forgiving the Monsters. Grace is grateful to be a voice of hope for those in need and plans to continue sharing words of reassurance, love and compassion. Visit her and related charities at

Heavenly Hugs
ISBN: 9781420874914 · 8.5 x 8.5 · Color · 40 pages · $13.60