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Are You Going Where You Want to Go?

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How is your year so far? After good momentum from New Year's resolutions, and 4 months of hard work, it's a great time for a healthy review of action steps and results. This renewal process will help you curb tendencies towards burn out, and help you refocus on the path to success.

Ban the Inner Critic.

In order to have fun while you conduct an effective review and renewal of your goals, first silence the Inner Critic - that negative inner voice that dishes out guilt for all the things you should have done, could have done, or forgot to do.

Perhaps you can make a deal with your Inner Critic by explaining that every action (or inaction) taken so far, is just an "experiment". And, we all know that every "experiment" has value, because there is always something learned from the results, even if it's how-not-to-do something. So, evaluate your year with the Inner Critic off duty by simply observing your results - what worked and what didn't, without self-judgment.

Are You Aiming for the Right Target?

Certain goals have been the focus of your attention over the past 4 months, and you have conducted some `experiments' with these goals. Before revising your action plans, you will want to know if your goals are still meaningful. By answering the following questions, you can refine, modify, add, or eliminate goals to renew your momentum and excitement about achievement.

  • Is each goal still important and meaningful to me? Why or why not?
  • Does each goal align with my values?
  • Am I excited about each goal?
  • Are there any goals that I want to achieve primarily for someone else?
  • Based on my results so far, how can I modify a goal to be more clear, specific, and achievable?
  • Do I need to break a goal into smaller goals?
  • Is there an area of my life or career that lacks meaningful goals?

Using the answers to these questions, take the time to rewrite your goals in a way that is purposeful, useful, and visible to you on a daily basis.

Connecting the Dots from Here to There.

Sometimes, efforts toward a goal lead to different results than expected or hoped for. For example, there may have been little or no follow through on planned action steps. Or, there was great follow through, but the progress was disappointing. Rather than
get caught up in the disappointment or frustration, it helps to look for the valuable lessons that can be extracted from the results of each "experiment".

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Answers to the following questions can be useful in creating your revised action plan. (Remember to ban the Inner Critic from participating in this review!)

  • Which actions led to good results?
  • Which actions gave no results?
  • Which actions led to unsatisfactory results?
  • Which actions did I enjoy?
  • Which actions did I dislike?
  • Which actions did I avoid?
  • Which actions did I find difficult?
  • Do I need to do something more or less frequently?
  • Do I need new more effective action steps?
  • Who or what can help me get better results?
  • What would make taking action more fun?
  • What would really make a difference in my motivation and ability to take action?
  • Do I have increased feelings of boredom or fatigue?
  • How well did I follow my self care program?

The answers to these questions will help you modify your action plan for better results, and a more enjoyable journey to success.

Mindful Acknowledgment.

Now take a look at the areas where you have been most successful this year. Acknowledge yourself for every effort you have made over the past 4 months, regardless of the outcome. For some, just getting through tough times was quite an accomplishment. Recognize and celebrate the ways you showed up for life, and congratulate yourself for all you have done. Take time to fully experience the sense of accomplishment for each and every success, no matter how large or small.

Picture Your Success.

With renewed goals and revised action plans, you can increase momentum and excitement by frequently visualizing your success. You can even write out your own success story to help you stay committed and focused on your goals.

This renewal process is available every day of the year to keep the dreams alive!


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