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Michael Phelps Diet On Spotlight

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Can one eat pizza and pasta most of the time and be on such a good diet to become an Olylmpic Champion? Apparently that's the case with Michael Phelps as his food eating habits and diet is in the spotlight after Phelps reveals to ESPN that he is eating a lot of pasta and pizza.

Indeed, "a lot of pasta and pizza" is the core of Michael Phelps diet.

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In an interview to ESPN's Jim Caple Michael says ""I'm eating a lot of pasta and pizza. I'm eating a lot of carbs. And sleeping as much as I can. I think just about every morning I've woken up at 4:30 or 5. It takes me a while to fall back asleep, but I do for about an extra half hour. It takes me a while to get up, but it's the Olympics, it's what you have to do."

The carbs that Michael Phelps is using in his diet are the good carbs from whole grain breads. Perhaps this is another way of following the Mediterranean diet as pastas are the big part of the Mediterranean food and eating habits.

Sylvia Cochran has a good point while writing about the Michael Phelps' eating habits saying that "lest you think that you could imitate this Phelps diet and sleeping regimen and come out looking like a Greek god, you will do well to remember that Michael Phelps most likely expends more energy during one of his practice sessions and races than most of us living an average lifestyle will do during a week."

I think it's not about what diet you follow or how your eat, but all is about the lifestyle. If you want to follow the Michael Phelps diet and eating habits it may be fine with me as long as you can follow his active life style.



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its really not that difficult to eat this much if you actually expend that kind of energy. I don't understand how a couch potato could possibly manage to stuff that all down, but I am a competitive cyclist and bike around 4-5 hours a day, and the ferocity of the post work out hunger is so intense that eating an entire pizza is pretty easy when you burn from 2000-4000+ calories just from cycling or swimming in his case.
i read somewhere that hockey and soccer players lose 7-13 pounds per game.