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Easy to avoid vacation weight gain, says fitness expert

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Local fitness expert and LaFemme Mobile Gym CEO says it is possible to avoid vacation weight gain and shows five easy ways on how not to gain weight while enjoying your time away.

Do you every get nervous about going on a cruise or any other buffet-style vacations with boatloads of calories? Are you one of many Americans who gain 5 – 7lbs each time you go on vacation? Do you worry about resorts that offer non-stop alcoholic beverages with little motivation to exercise? Monique Hollowell, CEO of LaFemme Mobile Gym and local Sacramento fitness trainer shares the following five tips to keep you weight gain free:

Go Fitness First. When choosing a place to stay, make sure the facility has a fitness center or free passes to a local nearby gym. This will keep you accountable to work out while on vacation.

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BYO Snack. Pack your own snacks or stop at a grocery store to stock up on healthy snack foods in between meals. This will prevent eating candy, chips, sodas and extra calories.

Refrigerator and Microwave Please! Make sure you have a refrigerator in your hotel room to store fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks and any meal leftovers.

Menu Savvy. Always choose healthy and low calorie first! Leave the extra calories for any desserts or alcoholic beverages you may consume.

Your Daily Flush! Consume at least 64 oz. of water a day. While on vacation we tend to dehydrate fast from the air travel, high sodium food and increase in alcoholic beverages. Water helps your digestive system and energy levels stay on the right track.

By Michele Smith