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Teen Suicide Rates In U.S. Rising

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Teen Depression

Suicide rates among US teens significantly rose after a 15 year decline, urging healthcare professionals to look into reasons of the increase. There are separate factors that can lead to the rise of teen suicide, but in most cases it is a bunch of several reasons, which needs to be clarified and treated as soon as possible.

Researchers from the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio found that the years 2004 and 2005 had the highest teenage suicide rates, with 326 additional cases in 2004 and 292 additional cases in 2005. The estimates were made according to data of 1669 and 2003 teens and were expecting less cases for 2004. In 2005 teenage suicide cases showed a 5% decline compared to 2004, but the rates were still too high. Overall, the year 2004 reported 18% increased cases, which urges the need to do more for teen mental health and depression treatment.

Researchers now urge the need of more studies in regard to teen depression and suicide, but they already suggest several reason that can lead to the increase of teen suicide.

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In 2003 FDA issued a warning concerning selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which were the main antidepressants prescribed to teens. A year later FDA requested the drugs to have a 'black-box' warning on the package, which means that the drug may increase suicidal thoughts. The warning cautioned parents and pediatricians, who started avoiding giving the antidepressants to children and teens. While it has been clinically proven that the drugs are safe for a short term use, it was still being avoided and most teens with depression were left untreated. This is the major cause suspected in teen suicide rate increase.

There is also the factor of suicide rates among US troops, who return from Iraq and Afghanistan, which can greatly affect mental health, especially among youth. Economical issues also lead to difficulties in teen life: it is now hard to find a job for everyone, including teens, and lack of money leaves lots of teens without proper education.

Another major problem for teens is the lack of communication, which leads not only to suicidal behavior, but also to inadequate behavior, such as smoking, using drugs and alcohol. More and more families now live apart, they don't spend time together, they don't frequently talk to each other. Parents don't spend time with their children and don't take part in their decision making process.

While more studies need to be done to clarify the causes of increased teen suicide rates, researchers urge families and parents always to keep an eye on their children and teens, to talk to them more often and to always care for them.

Teenagers can be very emotional and they are very easy to be disappointed, they need to feel that their parents are always with them, they need to be safe and comfortable. This will improve teen health in all aspects, guaranteed.



The data from the CDC is useless since they don’t show who among the suicides was taking antidepressants and who wasn’t taking antidepressants. We know from placebo controlled blind studies that youth were two to three times more likely to have suicidal behaviors on antidepressants during the clinical trials. Now, this is REAL science, not some pseudoscience published by the news media to try to fit suicides and antidepressants use together from incomplete date from the CDC. On SSRIstories.com there are over 2,500 cases of suicides, murders, murder-suicides where the perpetrator was on an antidepressants. So we can’t say that these 2,500 people found antidepressants calming, soothing and pleasant. Since the Physicians Desk Reference lists mania, psychosis, paranoid reaction, abnormal thinking, hostility, etc. as adverse reactions from SSRI antidepressants, we should take a closer look at the 47 school shootings/incidents listed in SSRIstories.com/index.php since the full media article is avaialbe for every case and tells which SSRI the perpetrator was taking.
If this malaise that's got teenagers killing themselves is found to be a symptom of our whorishly materialistic, shallow, status and wealth-seeking American 'life-style', will America's doctors be willing to start first and change their own expectations of what 'the good life' is? Will they make changes to the *idea* of what happiness and success means and start to learn to live with less materialism, less consumerism and then, seeing when and how it works will they then be willing to take up the role as vanguards who push to make the social change that fosters true *UNMEDICATED* mental health in children and families? Would you believe that it *could* be this simple? Of all the teens that I've known over the years who've chosen to obliterate themselves with drugs, and the ones who've taken to self-mutilation (cutting and burning) and live in constant depression - the ONE constant that is in their lives, is the fact that they have a solid middle-class home and parents who daily put the 'Keeping Up With The Joneses' game ahead of any real personal emotional parent to child connections. In short, the kids are accouterments to a life style, and little else. No more worthy of consideration than a nice pair of expensive designer shoes. I'd probably kill myself too if I was not much more than bauble my parents used to show off their wealth.. Find a cure for THAT social *disease* and you'll take care of a lot of misery. foodandart
If you really want to know why more and more kids are commititng suicide it is because of the ever more increasingly challangeing schools. The job market competetion has increased exponentially. Making kids stress about harder curriculums. people are expected to take geometry in the 7th grade and expected to make A's in the class which is supposed to be 4 grades away. which means kids are forced to study some more than 3 hours a day and then you have to ask yourself when do they get to relax. some kids work harder at school than there parents do at work. i propose there should be a four day school week and that every day of the four day school week should be extended 1 hour to make up for the loss of the extra day. schools should also not be able to assign school work over the weekend.
I totally agee with school cirriculums are adding stress on teens. There are times I feel like I am back in 7th grade with my child. The "stuff" he is learning is mind boggling. The kids are having three and four tests a week in different areas. I feel that is too many tests in one week period. I am all about pushing and furthering education but there is a limit.
I absolutely agree with the idea you have proposed. It makes since and as a highschool student myself sounds like a fantastic idea.
If you want to treat the depression, try using color therapy and alternative herbal treatments. The science is not yet perfected for the use of anti-depressants in teens. I suffered from depression in highschool, but I had a really messed up life so I kind of blame that. I ended up taking Zoloft in my 20's. And again I was away from my church for some while. Now, I'm fine. I'm in my 30's and back in the church and going well as God has healed me. I wish the best for all of you out there who suffer from depression.
this is messed up literally messed up people death is not always the answer to problems and dont ignore them trust me i've been there and have thought about it but seriously it fixes nothing it will just cause more pain for parents and families everywhere hey im only 13 and know this so please remember it solves nadda
religion and religious people are the main reason im depresed