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New Daily Diet Review Website Launched

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Each year millions of people make a New Year's resolution to embark on a fitness program, adopt better eating habits and lose weight. Today, Sunkist is helping users achieve all of their important health and fitness resolutions by launching The Sunkist Daily Diet Review Website, a free online program that makes it easy to track calories and discover healthier food choices.

The Sunkist Daily Diet Review site is a free, easy-to-use diet tracking program that allows users to track their daily eating habits while receiving tips and appropriate suggestions for making their diet more balanced and complete. The program works by keeping running totals of caloric intake as well as cholesterol, fat, carbs, sugars, protein, etc. so that users can easily learn about the foods they eat and how they can improve their diet in 2008.

By visiting the Sunkist Daily Diet Review site, users can:

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-- Create their own food diary

-- Get a clear picture of their nutritional intake

-- Discover healthy food alternatives

-- Change their eating habits

Initially, Sunkist will be hosting the site for a one-month trial period beginning on January 7th. Based on the feedback and hits they receive during the month of January, the Sunkist Daily Diet Review site may become a permanent addition to the Sunkist website.