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Parents Shouldn't Ignore Child Summer Safety Steps

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Summer Safety for Children

Despite the recession, many parents are traveling to beaches and resorts with their children. The memories of the trips will be much better if a few safety precautions are taken.

If you are staying in a hotel, please be sure that there is absolutely no way a little child can get through an open window, particularly if you are on an upper floor. Children love to investigate and looking out an open window can easily lead to a fall. Even expensive hotels do not always have guards or locks on their windows.

If you are using a hotel or motel crib, there are several things to check. First of all you want to be sure that the crib slats are no more than 2-3/8 inches apart. Then check to be sure the crib is not near window blind cords. Kids have wrapped these around their necks with resultant deaths.

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Look to be sure that there are no cutouts in the headboard or footboard and that the mattress fits very snugly in the crib. Also be sure the crib is tightly put together and there is no way a child can climb out of the crib.

Swimming pools, fish ponds, or even shallow water can be a source of trouble. 1500 kids die each year from drowning and there are near-drowning cases which can result in lost of intellectual ability and often spasticity.

Playgrounds can be a source of trouble, so children must be supervised. It is astounding the trouble some children can get into, particularly if they are hot, tired, or hungry. An adult always needs to be in charge. It is better to be watchful, rather than have a child’s life endangered and a vacation end tragically.

Written by Charlotte E. Thompson, M.D.



This post provides great safety tips at a critical time of the year. I work with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and wanted to reach out about a website, AfterTheInjury.org, that I believe everyone should know about as we enter the summer months. Although we hope that all families have a safe and happy summer, we know that approximately 2.5 million children will be treated in an ER or hospitalized for an injury this summer. As such, our doctors call the summer “Trauma Season.” As scars begin to heal and crutches are finally put aside, many parents naturally focus on their child’s physical injury and can overlook the fact that a full recovery is both mental and physical for their kids. AfterTheInjury.org is an important tool for parents as they help their child deal with the whole injury and care for their child’s emotions along with their wounds. The website provides a wealth of information from cast care tips, to helping kids with their emotional reactions to injury, to how to take care of yourself, as a parent, when your child is injured.
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