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Parents Reminded of Holiday Toy Safety

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Holiday Toy Safety

With millions of toys made in China pulled from the shelves over safety fears in recent months, deciding what to buy your children for the holidays has become an increasingly difficult decision. The holidays are dangerous enough without having to worry about giving children gifts that could potentially harm them. Therefore, the safety of the holiday toys should be in the forefront of parents' mind.

Although lists of the recalled toys are available in many stores and online, lots of parents are still confused as to which toys are affected and are worried that the unprecedented number of recalled items may still be available. So, many concerned parents are turning more and more to non-chewable items such as electronics and sporting gifts. Anyhow, before you get overwhelmed with recalled products and choking hazards, here are some tips to make sure this seasons toys keep kids happy, safe and healthy:

Set aside the toys! What delights a first-grader may endanger a toddler. If you have older children, you should have them properly store their toys away from younger kids. Would you leave a beer out for a 2-year-old to get into? So, why leave out a toy they could potentially eat? If giving gifts to kids, clearly specify which present is for which child.

Trash the packing stuff! Boxes, bags or plastic ties can pose choking and cutting hazards, so stuff them in the trash as soon as possible. Try to inspect the packaging to make sure it doesn't appear to have been opened or that you left important pieces.

Directions, Read Them! Make extra time to read the instructions and properly assemble a gift could spare you a trip to the emergency room. Try to construct the toy ahead of time so you don't worry about any unsafe packaging, or an eager child!

Just ask! If there is one thing parents have, it's opinions. Ask any mother in the toy department of the store and she will most likely give you an earful about child safety and probably recommend a popular, age-appropriate gift. Or, have a store associate guide you to the right present for the kid on your list.

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Safety! Safety! Safety!

• Safety First - ensure that your child is trained to use toys and sports gear properly.

• Avoid electrocution and other injuries by not letting children recharge their own toys or batteries.

• Use the recommended age because it is not about how smart your child is, for it's about safety issues.

• Cautiously inspect toys and avoid small magnets or other detachable parts that could be choking hazards.

• Supervise your children and stay involved while they play.

Educate yourself on toy recalls and safety guidelines, for with all that could go wrong during the holiday season, a little awareness can go a long way. And save you a trip to the hospital. Empower yourself to make a safe toy/gift choice. Happy and Safe Holiday Season to All!

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