Fitness Expert Takes On Wii Fit

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Wii Fit

Although Michael Torchia has received criticism about his plight to get Nintendo Wii creators to make important changes to their system, he is not backing down. His fight is not against the creation of the system, but rather the manner in which it has been marketed as a fitness tool and the lack of proper instruction involved with the Wii system.

Torchia did not file a lawsuit against Nintendo, he was merely part of the class action lawsuit being put together and hopes that the proper changes are made so that it does not come down to this. Torchia is trying to help those requesting his assistance get the answers that they are looking for. He understands that sometimes you need to rock the boat in order to get the attention that is necessary to make a change such as this one and he has taken it upon himself to help make this change a reality.

Here are some of the requests that Torchia is recommending be changed:

* Revising the current instruction manual by adding in proper playing and breathing techniques. Also, make the instructions age appropriate.

* Embed time code restrictions into software (time limits for game play and warning during breaks)


* Create videos for proper use of games on Nintendo website and provide a Q & A section dedicated to concerned parents.

* There is a problem with the sensors which are not properly triangulating, thus forcing its users to overexert themselves when playing and causing injuries. With a simple modification to the product, this problem can be corrected.

* Stop promoting Wii fit as a Fitness tool and clearly advise users it is for entertainment and can be used to increase activity.

* Finally, advise children be supervised under the age of 8 years old and adults over 65 years of age should consult their physicians before using the Wii fit and sports games.

Torchia has reached out to the President of Nintendo and its advisors saying that he would like to help them improve their system so that people are not getting injured. He understands the fact that the Wii system is a fun tool that has numerous social and physical benefits but he feels that the lack of proper instruction is causing harm to some of its users.

As a health and fitness expert with over 30 years of experience, Torchia feels that he can help Nintendo improve on the quality of their system and is offering his services. Torchia has yet to be contacted by the company therefore he continues to provide these services on his own. Through his website, and on his radio program "Shape Up America Fitness Show" he is offering free advice to those requesting it and is also working with a team of experts to put together video instructions on how to best use the system based on age and physical limitations.