Lancet Questions Rimonabant Weight Loss Pill's Efficacy

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The demand for weight loss pills is growing, but safety and efficacy of anti-obesity drugs should always be in focuse as study questions benefits of weight loss drug Rimonabant, made by Sanofi Aventis.

The following is the summer of Rimonabant weight loss pill study from Lancet.


Since the prevalence of obesity continues to increase, there is a demand for effective and safe anti-obesity agents that can produce and maintain weight loss and improve comorbidity. We did a meta-analysis of all published randomised controlled trials to assess the efficacy and safety of the newly approved anti-obesity agent rimonabant.

We searched The Cochrane database and Controlled Trials Register, Medline via Pubmed, Embase via WebSpirs, Web of Science, Scopus, and reference lists up to July, 2007. We collected data from four double-blind, randomised controlled trials (including 4105 participants) that compared 20 mg per day rimonabant with placebo.

Patients given rimonabant had a 4


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