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17 Quotes of Emotional Motivations To Lose Weight

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People motivating each other to lose weight

There are many ways you can motivate yourself to lose weight, eat healthily and lead a good lifestyle. It's important to fight against the passion of obesity and overeating. Here are 17 quotes from people who lose weight about their motivations.


1. My motivation to lose weight is my son. I want to lose weight and stay healthy so I can see him grow up. I would also like more children.

2. Going home for Christmas and not having family say “what happened” again, is my motivation to lose weight. It's a difficult feeling.

3. I want to lose weight so my weight doesn't cause me to stand on the sidelines of my daughter's life.

4. My motivation of losing weight is my support group of friends and in Truelife Changers and my grandsons, I absolutely adore. Besides, my clothes are getting smaller.

5. I want to feel better about myself and be able to wear the cute clothes I want. My health also, but mainly just being about to go out with friends and never feel less than.

6. My motivation to lose weight was to stop acid reflux and terrible heartburn after I had eaten. I started waking up in the night, coughing on stomach acid, having to sleep propped up on pillows to stop it happening. The close family told me I had a medical condition and there were pills to take to stop that happening, but I decided to drop the weight first as I noticed a correlation between my waist growing and the acid reflux coming back. Last Christmas I was a 40-inch waist. This Christmas I am going to be enjoying my 32-inch waist. I haven't had any acid reflux since about March of this year.

7. I am tired of self-loathing. Wanting to wear clothes and not PJs motivates me to lose more weight and to go on a diet. I want to have more energy and just about every good thing in life.

8. My kids motivate me to embark on a serious weight loss diet plan. I am feeling miserable every day after I eat something bad, miserable every day because I am fat, I want to be able to do fitness more easily, fit into my clothes again.

9. To keep my leg that needed 3 back to back knee surgeries. Several times I almost needed a full amputation. I want to be healthy and its suppose to help with Fibromyalgia pains.

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10. I am motivated to lose weight to be able to be more active with my kids and not be out of breath doing activities like hiking, etc...

11. My clothes fit better and look better on me. I was so tired of wearing a cardigan to cover up. Also just want to be healthier/ I had my last baby at age 37. I will be 55 when she turns 18. I figured I better try to stay healthy if I want to live long enough to meet my grandkids.

12. This is my motivation. I want to be able to take care of my daughter who is on a wheelchair as long as possible and be strong enough.

13. I want to lose weight to battle my depression. Losing weight is just a plus.

14. To be healthy. I would like to do hiking tours for work.

15. I am sick of being asked if its large size or going to Subway and asked if I want extra meat. This is why I want to lose weight.

16. Everything motivates me to lose weight. Sleep comfortable, fit normal clothes, walk longer distances, run with my puppy without being in pain. Sleep without snoring, stand in the shower without my back hurting, not having to constantly pull my shirt down and adjust my bra. I could go on and on.

17. My motivation to lose weight is to spend as many years with my wife and children as I can possibly get.

What is your motivation to lose weight? Please quote your answers in the comments section below and let's add more reasons to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.