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SlotRadio player a must-have gadget for any fitness buff

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SlotRadio player for fitness

Recently we were asked to review slotRadio player from SanDisk, which actually can serve as a very good friend when you exercise and workout.

The slotRadio player from SanDisk is a must-have gadget for any fitness buff. Unlike any other music player, the slotRadio player comes pre-loaded with 1,000 songs from Billboards top charting artists and arranged into 7 playlists by genre including a Workout and Chillout playlist so they can enjoy songs that are high-beat-per-minute and low-beat-per-minute without interrupting their workout. Plus, with an FM Radio tuner, 13 hours of battery life and a clip to attach to clothing, it will become a must have for working out. No computers, no downloading, just music.

SanDisk does make a line of MP3 players, which would all be great workout/health gadgets – the slotRadio player is the newest one and also the most unique at the moment because unlike other players that need to be downloaded with music, the slotRadio player already comes with the music.

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Now, let's say you want to upgrade or change your songs, is there a plugin or a way to go to the website and upgrade songs. Let's say you want classical music and so on. To this question the representative Jill Mayers from Lyman PR wrote us the following.

"There’s a little room left on the card and by using a microSD card reader, you can add songs from your computer to the card – there’s room for about 10 songs or so. The songs that come on the card, are locked to the card so those can’t be removed. We do have additional cards available in specific genres and themes such as Rock, Country, R&B/Hip Hop, Oldies, 80’s & 890’s and Daily Mix – each additional card holds 1,000 songs and they start at $39.99. We will be coming out with more cards in other genres, so there’s a possibility a Classical card could come out in the future.

"The player is compatible with blank microSD cards, so for people who want complete control over their music, they can use a blank card and add music to that, but for people who want control over their music we would recommend a Sansa Fuze or Clip – these work similar to an iPod, where you add music to the actual player. The slotRadio is more for people who don’t want to download songs – they want an easy alternative where they can just turn it on and listen to music instantly. "

The slotRadio player from SanDisk is a little expensive. It is $99 dollars. However, if you can afford it for exercise and fitness, the quality is very good.

Prepared by Armen Hareyan
The image is used from Chip Chick: Chipchick.com.