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iPhone Menstrual Period Tracker Prevents Problems

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iPhone Menstrual Period Tracker

Ladies, there is now a high tech way to help you cope with your menstrual periods and it looks cute too. Period Tracker, an iPhone app available in the iTunes App Store, is the super-cute high tech way to log and predict your periods, know your fertile times, and note when you're having menstrual symptoms throughout the month.

Developed by David and Susan Lee, a married couple, Period Tracker is helping women all over the world cope a little better with their monthly cycles.

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"As a couple we struggled with keeping track of my periods so we decided to develop Period Tracker as our first iPhone app," says Susan Lee of GP Apps. "It was super simple in the beginning with just a log page of dates and a countdown to the beginning of the user's next period. But since then, with the help of great ideas from hundreds of users, it's taken on a life of its own."

Since iPhone Menstrual Period Tracker's launch in October 2008, it has developed beyond its humble beginnings as a simple countdown app. Period Tracker now has password protection, notes, a month-view calendar, a symptoms noter, and even a sync option to wirelessly sync with Period Tracker Companion for Men, a new app created for all of the husbands out there who would love an easier way to know when to be extra sweet to his wife.

iPhone Menstrual Period Tracker is available now in the iTunes App Store for just $1.99.

GP Apps is a mobile applications solutions company based in Southern California with apps such as Period Tracker, Kid Art, and superGPS. For more information about GP Apps, please visit www.GPApps.com.



Ohhhhhh......This is very new to me... This is really good invention for ladies out there. Wow. Its like a magic. Thanks for upgrading with the new technology.