Tamper-Resistant fall alarm from AliMed reduces alarm fatigue on staff

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Tamper-Resistant fall alarm

AliMed, inc. announced a radical change to the successful TR2 tamper-resistant alarm: A silent mode to reduce clinician 'alarm fatigue'. The new TR2 has the same "always-on" technology--patients can’t turn it off and caregivers won’t forget to turn it on. It uses the same robust ABS case with rubber edge bumpers that has been shown to increase usable life of the control unit. This new alarm will be available in early 2009.

Jon Bretz, AliMed’s Vice President said of the new alarm control unit, “Our customers tell us they are fatigued because there are so many alarms now in use. Also many falls occur in facilities at night when patients try to get up unassisted. The alarm sounds and awakens everyone and then caregivers have to help them all get back to sleep after attending to the one that tried to get up. Customers asked if we could make the local control unit switchable to silent, yet transmit the alarm to a remote alarm control box to overcome this problem.”


The new TR2 tamper-resistant alarm can connect into a nurse call system, or use AliMed’s Convert Alert transmitter to send the alarm to a remote alarm receiver.

Jon Betz added, “By simply connecting the TR2 to the remote alarm receiver unit with our Convert Alert, you overcome the problems of alarm fatigue and waking everyone up at night. The alarm rings only to the remote unit, which can be placed in a convenient place outside the patient’s room. Caregivers can see immediately where the problem is and attend only to the patient that needs attention.”

For more information about the new TR2 alarm, go to AliMed.com or contact Alan Bingham at [email protected]