Coffee Could Be Good For Breath

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Coffee and causes of bad breath

It is common to think that coffee causes bad breath. Contrary to this belief, the elements present in coffee could prevent the appearance of the bacteria that causes bad breath, according to a team of Israeli researchers who presented their work in April for members of international society for research on the breath, Germany.

The halitosis or bad breath is often caused by deposits of bacteria due to dental or gum problems, and often indicates a health problem. By studying the effect of coffee on saliva, researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered that coffee reduces the bacterial activity.


"Everybody thinks that coffee gives bad breath," noted Mel Rosenberg, a specialist in breath studies at the University of Tel Aviv, who led the study. "And it is often true, because the coffee, which has a drying effect in the mouth, becomes stronger when it is mixed with milk, to ferment and can create a smelly substance."

The researchers studied samples of saliva mixed with extracts from three different brands of coffee. The results show that there are three types of coffee that reduce bacterial activity. By measuring the gas emitted by the bacteria, researchers noted a decrease of gas that cause bad breath.

Mel Rosenberg said that these discoveries could help launch a new range of products to treat the causes of bad breath such as chewing gum or mouthwash. The researchers can add purified extract of coffee to the pellets of the breath to stop the formation of the bacteria and eliminate bad breath at its source, rather than hide it, "said Rosenberg.

Written by Armen Hareyan
Source Sante Medicine


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