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Georgia Health Insurance Provider Speaks Of Overhaul

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Momentum in Congress is growing for a new health care reform bill that will change how Georgia health insurance is purchased. Private health insurance carriers are pushing for a mandate that would have everyone that is going without health insurance to get coverage. These private companies would like to see their enrollment going up rather than the current trend they see of a decline in medical membership. Many are surprised of the support private health insurance companies are giving to the presidents’ new health care package.

“I think that’s why we’ve seen the industry basically trying to play the administration’s game, “said Jane DuBose, an analyst with industry tracking firm Health Leaders-Inter Study. “They really could be licking their chops over the potential here.”

Morgan Moran, a georgia insurance broker said “private health insurance carriers are willing to make changes to the current health care system. I do not think a government run health care system is the answer. Moran said, "We will see what this fall brings when legislators meet strong insurance lobbyist groups on the subject of a national healthcare system ".

Many in the industry say that this interest of an improved health care system flows from many counterparts.

“What’s driving this is we have 47 million people who don’t have access to the system, who get help through emergency rooms, and that results in higher costs and inefficient care, “said Robert Zirkelback, a spokesman for industry trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans. “There’s both a social and economic reason to get everybody in the healthcare system.”

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Jay Gellert, chief executive of the group Health Net, said industry support for certain changes is driven by “a recognition that public frustration with many of the problems in the system (is) increasing pretty significantly. So I think there’s as much of a commitment to this because we’ve seen other industries where they haven’t dealt with issues early enough, like financial services and auto, and that’s not a happy place.”

Georgia health insurance web, an online health insurance group, recommends that changes in the industry must be made before health insurance becomes totally out of range for most Americans. The insurance group said, “Private companies and the government of the United States must come to a fair compromise on health care reform, what happens if the health insurance industry goes away for good? How many US jobs will be lost from a new government run single payer system? Where do the agents go to work? What happens to all of those medical underwriters? How many jobs does the health care industry create? Will you be able to offer Georgia insurance plans in the future?

Morgan Moran, a Georgia health insurance consultant said, "Barack Obama has let us know what change is all about during his campaign,” The broker said, “I truly believe that Obama will work with the private health insurance companies to come to a fair conclusion on the issue at hand and I hope he does figure out a way to get coverage for nearly 50 million uninsured Americans.”

If you are looking to share your health insurance story, the president has set up a web site location where you can write your own real-life experience of living without health care coverage, or how heath care cost increases have affected your life or your health. "Have you put off getting treatment because you could not afford to go to the doctors? Please send President Obama your stories, and he will forward them to Congress and the Senate"

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A health insurance plan is gaining support in Washington and is backed by Barack Obama. This health plan would create a new, high-quality public health insurance option. You will be able to choose, insurers will have to offer higher quality care for lower prices to compete. Will that be possible without the taxpayers funding the entire program? Give us your comments today: