Ohio Business Concerned About Health Insurance Not Being Affordable

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Ohio Health Insurance Survey Results

Is is not news that health insurance coverage in the United States is not affordable and nearly 42 million individuals are without health insurance coverage. Now, the survey released by the Small Business Majority shows that the health insurance affordability ranks as the top concern for the Ohio small business owners.

In two recent scientific surveys an average of 76% of small business owners who don’t offer health insurance say they can’t afford it. In December 2008, the national public opinion firm Lake Research polled 300 randomly selected small business owners in Ohio on healthcare. Among the key findings 77% of businesses that don’t currently offer health insurance benefits say they can’t afford to, and 71% of those who do say they’re really struggling to do so. About 73% said that healthcare reform is important to getting the economy back on track and 67% believe that individuals, employers, the government and health insurance providers should share the responsibility for paying for health care coverage in Ohio.


"Small business owners are facing many challenges in today’s economy," said Steve Millard, a representative from the Council for Smaller Enterprises in Cleveland to Dayton Business Journal. "Health insurance coverage is one of their most urgent and pressing concerns."

Ohio small businesses can't offer health insurance benefits because the coverage is not affordable at all. This in turn has negative effects on the residents and on businesses as they can't make their packages attractive. When the employment package is not attractive it by not including health insurance benefits it will have a negative impact on the production and thus, on the local economy. This is how our economy is losing it's positions to other world economies where the health care is either reformed or is not an issue as number one concern.

The Obama administration is preparing to release the proposal on health care reform that will also include the option of public health insurance. Businesses and families hope that the comprehensive health insurance and health care reform will provide solutions to many of the above mentioned questions and mainly hopefully making health insurance affordable.