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Family Forced to Sell Home, Leave Country to Get Healthcare

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Barbara Calder and her husband from Colorado Springs in Colorado cannot afford health insurance and are selling their estate to move to Beligium where they can find affordable health insurance and healthcare.

"My husband, Bruce, and I never were able to obtain medical insurance that would cover my condition, a devastating and disabling genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - so we are having one massive estate sale, selling our home, and moving to Belgium, where I can get the care I need at a cost we can afford explains Barbara Calder of Colorado Springs, Colo."

"Bruce had received insurance through his job, but they refused to cover me, saying that the plan didn’t cover genetic counseling. The insurance company eventually went broke, saying they hadn’t anticipated people getting older or using the insurance they had paid for."

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"Every joint in my body is failing save my left hip. I have to tape my toes together at night when even the pressure of a blanket can cause them to dislocate. I live in constant pain, and get only partial relief with ibuprofen, the only medication I can afford without health insurance."

"There are very few doctors in this country who understand my condition, and people who suffer from this disease usually go undiagnosed and eventually lose their insurance. My mother died of the same condition, though also undiagnosed at age 40, my 19-year-old daughter developed symptoms at age 15, and my 22- year-old son is beginning to experience problems."

"I want health insurance companies to be abolished, because they aren't in the business to care for the sick. Their main function is to make profits, and the sick just get in their way. Imagine every person paying a percentage of their income into health services that would help all Americans? That is how many European Union (EU) countries do it,” Calder continued. “Most people we met in the EU on our trip last week were proud to pay into such a system, because it made their country healthier and better for all who lived there."

Reference: Guaranteedhealthcare.org