CA Retiree With Rare Debilitating Disease Fears Insurance More

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Since health insurance is not affordable anymore Juanita Anderson of Los Angeles, California, fears her insurance more than her illness.

"I have a very rare and incurable disease called systemic mastocytosis, which very few doctors even know about," said Juanita Anderson who resides in Los Angeles, California.


"It has changed my life totally. I had to stop working last year when I was 62 and able to retire. My health insurance is very expensive and is taken out of my retirement check. I spend a lot of time in the emergency room and have had to call 911 for help on more occasion than I can remember. This disease just takes your life away from you.

"I live on $1,500 a month – a mix of Social Security, pension, and help from my family. For the first three months of the year, I had to put my medical costs on credit cards until my prescription drug coverage starts.

"Last year, my premiums were going to double so I switched to a plan that was $30 to $40 cheaper but I am worried that the coverage won't be adequate. And the medications I have to take are very expensive because I can't take generic drugs; they all have to be name brand.

"I've lived with this disease since the year 2000. I know that I am one of the lucky few Americans who even has retiree healthcare, through my union. Without health insurance I would be dead now I'm sure. I still live in constant fear that the premiums and plan can change at any time, or be eliminated altogether."



Not to worry ............. Once McCain is elected, employers will all drop both empolyee & retiree coverage since the is no question McCain's plan will work wonderfully & has been well thought out. No doubt about it, his "tax credit" for moving us to individually-purchase private sector insurance, with all the "competition" it will bring will certainly lower premiums for all. No to worry ........ should easily be able to offset the current empolyer-based structure's benefits of: * Group vs Individual rates * Being guaranteed coverage at the same cost as everyone else, even if your REALLY sick * The roughly 75% overall plan cost subsidy from the employer Yeah, WHEN PIGS FLY !