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Single tobacco may contain 70 chemicals that cause cancer

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Cancer causing in smoking

Quit smoking while there is time. Even one cigarette can cause an immediate damage to the smoker's health as one tobacco may contain seventy chemicals that cause cancer.

Exposure to tobacco smoke can cause immediate damage inside the body, causing long-term serious illness or death. The same danger exists even in case of an occasional smoking or a passive one. According to a U.S. report published on the website of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, cigarette smoke may be responsible for cellular damage and tissue inflammation.

The researchers behind the report argue that tobacco smoke contains a lethal mix of more than 7,000 products and chemicals, including hundreds that are toxic and at least 70 that are carcinogenic. This could mean that smoking is raising your cancer risk for seventy times.

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The data thus reveals that each exposure to tobacco smoke, and therefore these chemicals, can damage DNA. In addition, regular exposure to cigarette smoke may prevent the body to repair this cellular damage. Scientists believe that a brief exposure to tobacco smoke may also cause cardiovascular disease. In fact, here is how heart disease develops from smoking.

The researchers say these dangerous chemicals reach the smoker's lungs quickly each time they inhale cigarette smoke, causing immediate damage. Inhaling a small amount of tobacco smoke can also damage DNA, which can lead to cancer, say the study authors.

Cigarette smoke could significantly reduce the benefits of chemotherapy and other treatments indicated for treating cancers. The authors of the report point out that smoking causes over 85% of lung cancers and may be responsible for many other cancers.