Mambo Cologne An Amazing Scent For Anytime

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Mambo Cologne For Men

As the Holiday shopping season is approaching people will be looking for Black Friday deals and holiday sales to by their favorite products. Colognes, fragrances and perfumes will be on the top shopping lists as they are convenient gift ideas. Today we are looking and reviewing the Mambo Cologne by Liz Claiborne For Men. This Cologne Spray that comes in 3.4 Ounces Mambo Cologne for men is an amazing scent for anytime.

Fragrancex writes that "Mambo Cologne by Liz Claiborne, Mambo for men is an up-tempo twist of bergamot and zesty lime, mediterranean herbs and spices raises the pulse and turns up the heat. A festive tandem of french clary sage and thyme is embraced by exotic, masculine floralcy, and an ultra-sensual fusion of cinnamon leaf, cumin and heart of cedarwood. The soul of the fragrance is a rhythmic blend of lusty patchouli, addictive musks, irresistible sandalwood and spirited fir balsam. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations."


Amazon reports that Mambo Cologne has been introduced in 2001. The fragrance possesses a blend of orange, bergamot, musk and patchouli. Mambo Cologne is recommended for casual use and wear.

One person comments in Amazon saying "one day I was mulling around in Boscov's and smelled Mambo Cologne. I loved it and knew that the ladies would too. And they did too. Also, Mambo cologne for men is great if you are in the young teen crowd, such as myself. It is spicy yet sweet which makes it great. Bottom line: Mambo Cologne is a sexy frangrance for young the will indeed attract women."

Another person commenting on the use of Mambo Cologne at Fragrancex writes that "I use this product daily. I get compliments all the time. People want to know what I am wearing and that it smells so good. I don't have anything bad to say about Mambo Cologne. It's great."

The producer of Mambo Cologne Liz Claiborne Inc. was founded in 1976 by original partners Liz Claiborne, Art Ortenberg, Leonard Boxer and Jerome Chazen. Liz Claiborne Inc. designs and markets an extensive range of women's and men's fashion apparel and accessories appropriate to wearing occasions ranging from casual to dressy.


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Patchouli is gross! Ever since John Cusack dissed the scent in High Fidelity I haven't been able to take it seriously as a fragrance...
Im Mambo Man. Got a tattoo. Im about meeting guys. Im about meeting girls. Whats your problem ?
Even regular girls will like Mambo Cologne. Ronnie mund show catch it... I actually have 20 bottles of Mambo Cologne and have them in my fridge. They wil last 8 years.
Ronnie "the mambo" limo driver
Ever since cut my mullet and stopped wearing turtlenecks, I've been picking up strippers and regular girls with the scent of Mambo. The bonus is the heavy spray, which can be picked up from 7 to 8 feet away. What's your problem? I know what it is, you don't have Mambo! Let's go [email protected]%$& some whores!
Mambo is a multi-use cologne - for the strip joint, NASCAR, or even for those times I want to be alone with my pet-cock, Mambo is the ideal fragrence for attracting both regular and stripper chicks. Will also help start your SUV Limo on cold mornings - just pour it in in the carb, light it and run. What are you lookin at????
Mambo attracts not only whore and stripper chicks, it gets the regular broads as well. I went to my good work buddy's wedding last weekend - the wives couldn't stay away from me because of the Mambo.
If you have every had the pleasure of inhaling the scent of Mambo, you will find that even 8 feet away it is breathingtaking. Even after you leave the area the scent lingers on for about an hour. I bet that the man who uses Mambo doesn't use condoms and lures strippers and even regular women with it's aroma.
Mambo has many uses especially before, during and after ATM.
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I love Mambo! I refuse to brave the crowds during the holidays to find the fragrances my friends and family love. Not to mention the outrageous department store prices. Last year I got discounted fragrances for everyone on my list. They were all happy and I saved enough to get a gift for myself!