Cat washing her hands and drinking from faucet

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Jennifer Steele, who is a Licensed Practical Nurse, and one of our Facebook fans, believes she has one of the cleanest cats in America.

"I have one of the cleanest kitties in America," Jennifer writes on her facebook page next to this video showing her cat washing herself and drinking water from a kitchen faucet.

According to, cats are known for their cleanliness. "Cat groom themselves by licking their fur. The cat's saliva is a powerful cleaning agent, but it can provoke allergic reactions in humans," reports the site.

While Jennifer's cat is amazing, some cats may be toilet trained, eliminating the litterbox and its attending expense and odor. "Training will involve two or three weeks of incremental moves, such as moving and elevating the litterbox until it is near the toilet. For a short time, an adapter, such as a bowl or small box, may be used to suspend the litter above the toilet bowl. When training is complete, the cat uses the toilet by perching over the bowl," reports Catfacts.

"Owner needs to be agile towards the cleanliness of cat residing at home. Especially if the house has children this becomes more pertinent. Health issues like rabies and respiratory disorders are very common among children whose house have cats. The owner needs to maintain a daily cleanliness regime for the cat residing at home. Advice can be sought from the veterinary doctor who is the best person to guide." Source: Pet Care GT

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I had a cat Raven that knew just how to tilt her head to drink from the faucet. My other cat Snickey just didn't get it and would leave the water run off his head getting dripping wet and drink from the drain. None of my cats washed their hands though.

Mine does it too. He insists that I turn the faucet on for him to get a drink. He likes to catch water from dripping outdoor faucets too.

Cats can do many funny tricks then dogs. Generally kitten. I enjoy their activities at home when I give them cat treat.


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