Scared Dog Gets A Surprise Cat Attack

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Funny video demonstrates cat power, gives interesting insight into the relations of cats and dogs. It may well change some existing stereotypes about cats and dogs.

In this really funny video, posted on Youtube in January of 2012 this dog barks at cat. The cat retreats; then demonstrates some cat power. See what happens next.

From Wikipedia:

"The dog-cat relationship is generally misunderstood. Despite the long-held belief that dogs and cats cannot maintain a relationship with one another, perpetuated by such phrases as "fighting like cats and dogs", and the stereotype of the animal hierarchy of dog-cat-mouse, "relationships between cats and dogs are possible, depending on their personalities and their owners’ patience and understanding". Whilst the introductory period may be hard (as it can be with the introduction of any pet), a rewarding relationship can be forged. Being predators, dogs naturally chase smaller animals, cats being no exception. However, this does not discount the possibility of harmony between the two animals."

While one of "the most common problem[s]...with dogs and cats in the same household is dogs chasing cats, this can be overcome [through] obedience training for the owner [and] the dog". In fact, "the way dogs and cats relate to each other have a lot to do with their temperament, and whether either have had any adverse reactions to members of different species in the past". In other words, "it is life experiences with members of the other species, and not an inborn animosity, that determines how cats and dogs feel about each other". Animosity may also be a case of simple misunderstanding. For example, "a dog raising his paw to a cat may mean he wants to play, but a cat can take it as a sign of an attack, prompting the cat to swat her paw at the dog, sending her into a hissing fit". Raising a kitten and a puppy together can often quell this problem, as neither pet will have any bad experiences with the other animal prior to entering the household. One of the main factors in forging a dog-cat relationship is time.

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Could this be Molly ?????


Funny....pets will be pets...never underestimate an animal

I thought this was very poor. The dog was already scared and to put him/her into a cat scenario was very hurtfull.

My 100 Lb. over-protective lab got very upset when I played this video as well as my husband and I. The owner should be ashamed!!! My pup is 11 and is best friends with our 4 yr. old cat and we would not have it any other way...In fact they take their nightly walks and naps together! =) I am upset for the pup... :(

your kidding right?

oh lordy my dogs got very upset with this it took about 10 minutes to stop them from barking its funny but they really thought this animal was in danger


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