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Dysphoria Risk High In Young Marijuana Users

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Dysphoria, the a state of feeling unwell or unhappy, is dangerously threatening young and inexperienced marijuana users. Researchers and officials warn that marijuana's rise in potency poses serious risk to youth drug users including Dysphoria and paranoia.

The report published on today's CNN says that for the first time the potency in Marijuana has surpassed the ten percent mark in the United States. Marijuana is already dangerous and strong Marijuana even more. "While experienced marijuana users may limit their intake of potent marijuana, young and inexperienced users may not moderate their intake and possibly suffer from dysphoria, paranoia, irritability and other negative effects," reads the story.

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We could not find much information about Dysphoria and full coverage about it in the government official websites. However an interesting piece of information about gender dysphoria is available at UK's NHS.

Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person feels that they are trapped within a body of the wrong sex. The condition is also sometimes known as:

  • gender identity disorder,
  • gender incongruence, or
  • transgenderism.

People who have long-lasting, extreme cases of gender dysphoria are known as transsexuals. You can read more about Gender Dysphoria at NHS, but in the meanwhile be warned of usage of potent Marijuana causes Dyspohria in young people.



Dysphoria, the a state of feeling unwell or unhappy, is not a well understood or defined disorder and is hardly even recognized by official government websites. There are many factors left out of this biased submission. The study is bad statistics. A typical sample size has to be at least 100 to be statistically significant, and I think 300 is another good plateau but this study only had 12 DOMESTIC SAMPLES for the 2008 year. In 2009 there 852 samples and the THC concentration for domestic samples was 4.78 This is terrible science to publish 10% THC concentration as a significant stat when there were only 12 DOMESTIC samples. READ page 16 of the FUll potency report. Do these researchers factor in that marijuana is expensive (especially high quality bud)and that a user young could not finance excessive consumption? Irritability is a symptom of marijuana withdrawal so that could also help explain the "dysphoria " symptoms from a patient. I hope these kids don't get their hands on alcohol or tobacco, I hear that stuff can kill you.
I am soooo glad you said something! young kids feel that anyway-- they get told what to be and what not, they never get a neutral position on anything or the information to make their own conclusions until wayyy tooo late. If parents who smoked anything would explain their personal experience, and why when and how, there kids would ask questions instead of needing any one to make the decision for them! much love
marijana does not exist--- it was publicly forced down throats in the 1950's movie reefer madness- and if you have ever seen the movie, every person in that movie needs to smoke pot especially the government!!! btw, cannibis helps relieve anxiety and depression in young adults, which leads to way less problems in coping - and way less use of chemicals aka alcohol and tobacco!! love
This is Hilarious!!!