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Mesothelioma Cancer Patient Defies Doctor's Odd, Wins Big

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Jon Matthews defies Mesothelioma cancer

Mesothelioma cancer patient Jon Matthews, who's story you can learn at jm21.co.uk, defied doctor's odds that he will live longer than his doctor predicted. Matthews bet on his Mesothelioma $145 that he would live longer than doctor’s predicted.

Indeed, Jon Matthews, did live longer than his doctor predicted on his Mesothelioma cancer. As Daily Mail writes "Despite originally being given just months to live, he has already won the first stage of his bet, which could see him net a total of £20,000." He could collect nearly $51,000 if he continues to win his battle with mesothelioma through next summer. Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive cancer caused almost exclusively by asbestos exposure.

John's doctor had told him not to make any plans for Chrismtas 2006. Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer.

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As revealed on his site Jm21.co.uk Jon stated that he plans to give some of his winnings to cancer charity Macmillan, as he did last year. Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. Jon does this not only to contribute, but also "so that some days it doesn't have to be all about cancer. It can just be about... life."

Matthews' wife has died from lung cancer at age 57. He quit is sales job when he was later diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer. However, his outlook changed when he met an Indian Homeopathy doctor who introduced him to some other means of living and treatment than what the mainstream doctors could do, who only prescribed morphine to manage his Mesothelioma cancer.

According to Mesothelioma Information news report "A William Hill spokesman said yesterday: 'We had never been asked to accept a bet of this nature before but as Jon approached us directly and was adamant that it would give him an additional incentive to battle his illness, we offered him the bet he wanted. 'Never, in 30 years in this business, have I been so pleased to pay a winning client.'"

You can learn more about Jon Matthews at jm21.co.uk. I personally admire this type of courage that defiles all types of odds even against such a deadly disease, as Mesothelioma cancer. Bravo for pushing human limits.