Allergan's Botox May Fight Migraine

Armen Hareyan's picture

Allergan is conducting trials to measure Botox effectiveness in migraine pain treatment and announced that the trials give successful results.

Botox - botulinum toxin type A - is facial wrinkle-smoother and Allergan suggests it can be also useful for migraine treatment. Previously the company conducted first Phase III trial and reported promising results for secondary goal (reducing headache days), but the main goal (reducing the number of headache episodes) was missed.


Then Allergan replaced the primary and secondary goals and conducted second Phase III trial. Now the company reports that the second trial was successful in achieving both goals of migraine treatment and wrinkle-smoother..

The trial used 1.5 vials of Botox on forehead, temple, neck muscle injections. Trial patients experienced significant decrease in headache days compared to those taking placebo.

Allergan now plans to conduct more studies and closely examine Botox as migraine treatment method. The company plans to complete the trials by mid 2009 and apply to FDA's review.


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