Why Follow Mediterranean Diet

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Heart Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Researchers from the Laval University have looked at the virtues and benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The research team of Dr. Benoît Lamarche, Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods of Laval University (INAF) has presented the results of research where they measured the virtues of a Mediterranean diet.

According to them, when following the Mediterranean diet the incidence of cardiovascular disease declines, even among obese people. This particularly happens when the food is rich in fish, fruits and vegetables, olive oil and antioxidants.


About 26 men mean at age 50 years participated in this research. During the first five weeks, these patients have consumed a typical Canadian diet, like that most people consume every day. During the other five weeks, the researchers have fed them a completely Mediterranean style diet. Following the later diet has helped them to achieve a weight loss that is equal to the amount of 10 percent of their average weight.

As you may see the results are amazing. The Mediterranean regime has lowered cholesterol levels by 10 to 12% and the rate of C-reactive protein, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, 22% to 33%. Scientists have also shown that even if there is no weight loss associated with the Mediterranean diet, the benefits on the heart are indeed there.

The next step of this study is to determine whether the diet has the same effects on women as well, or perhaps only in men.