Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk Of Lung Disease

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Mediterranean Diet

We have heard about the many benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Food prepared with Mediterranean diet recipes have shown to to improve heart health, stroke, longevity*, diabetes and now helping COPD according to a Thorax study.

It is expected that by 2020 lung diseases collectively known as the chronic obstructive bronchopneumonia (COPD) will become a major cause of death worldwide.

A study called the Thorax, suggests that diet containing more fruit, vegetables, grains and fish, rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk in inflammatory tissues. Alternatively reducing blood sugar and nitrates that have been linked to decreases in lung function could also play a role. The European Food Standard agency points out to the highly rated health benefits and advantages that the Mediterranean diet has over processed foods, refined sugars and red meat.


Researchers at INSERM (French Institut National De La Santé Et De La Recherche Médicale) have found that the Mediterranean diet was associated with a decrease of 50% risk of developing COPD even taking into account the risk factors like smoking and age. The men who predominantly do not follow Mediterranean dite, would be four times more likely to develop COPD.

Last month, an international study reported that a Mediterranean diet helped prevent the development of asthma and respiratory allergies in children. Last year U.S. researchers have shown that the Mediterranean-type diet may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

COPD is the only major cause of death incidents of which are rising today. This situation urgently requires more research into all aspects of this disease. It will help to try to prevent or treat COPD more effectively.

* See Caroline Wilbert's story in yesterday's WEBMD



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