Valerie Bertinelli Asks Jenny Craig To Help Her Lose Weight One Pound At A Time

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Jenny Craig Weight Loss

In a television commercial premiering today, Jenny Craig introduces its latest celebrity client, Valerie Bertinelli.

The commercial, which features Bertinelli and Jenny Craig's highly successful current celebrity client, Kirstie Alley, will launch an integrated marketing campaign through 2007 in which Alley's 75-lb. weight loss and her successful maintenance of her weight loss will be the inspiration for Bertinelli to join the Jenny Craig program and reach her 30-lb. weight loss goal.

"Now that Kirstie has reached her goal weight - and looks and feels terrific - her goal is to motivate others to achieve and maintain a more healthful lifestyle," stated Jenny Craig CEO, Patti Larchet. "We are confident and excited that Valerie's interaction with Kirstie in our new campaign not only demonstrates Kirstie's new role as a mentor, but also gives people another opportunity to see a busy mom lose weight on national television."


According to Bertinelli, "I was a huge Cheers fan and have always admired Kirstie Alley's sense of humor, poise and tenacity. Watching her lose weight and maintain her weight loss publicly definitely inspired me to 'call Jenny' and accept the challenge to be a healthier, happier me."

In the new campaign, Bertinelli will lose weight "in real time" - as did Alley - with more frequent updates on her progress and through more hands-on venues. In addition to a series of monthly television and print advertisements, Bertinelli will post regular video and written blogs on the Jenny Craig Web site ( to tell the story of her weight-loss journey and to provide tips on how to achieve weight loss success. She will also record video e-mail messages for new and returning Jenny Craig clients.

"It's definitely frightening to know that all of America will be following my progress to see if I actually lose weight," added Bertinelli. "But after researching the Jenny Craig program and what it has to offer in terms of providing the support and education I need, I'm confident that, by the end of the year, I will have lost the weight and learned how to keep it off."

The commercials, which were produced by JWT, New York, will feature interaction between the two actresses and will air nationally on both cable and network television.