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Vivus Presents Qnexa For Obesity Treatment

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Qnexa for obesity treatment

The new drug Qnexa for the treatment of obesity and weight loss shows promise. Qnexa is a proprietary therapeutic formulation and dosing regime that incorporates the active ingredients from two previously approved products with demonstrated weight loss properties. By combining the activity of each of these compounds, Qnexa simultaneously addresses appetite and satiety, the two main mechanisms that impact eating behavior. As such, Qnexa appears to induce significantly greater weight loss than either individual compound. Further, clinical trials conducted with Qnexa have demonstrated superior efficacy and a significantly improved adverse effect profile as compared to other therapeutic options.

VIVUS and Duke University conducted a 200-patient, double-blind, placebo controlled Phase 2 trial designed to examine the safety and efficacy of Qnexa. Findings from this study demonstrated:

* Qnexa achieved significantly greater weight loss as compared to placebo and each of the product's active ingredients alone
* Qnexa achieved a placebo-adjusted weight loss of 20.1 pounds at week 24
o This is nearly twice the weight loss achieved with a high dose of Sanofi-Aventis' Acomplia (rimonabant) at week 52 (10.6 pounds) in a similar group of patients
* Weight loss with Qnexa had not plateaued at 24 weeks as has been observed with other obesity therapeutics in development
* Only one patient dropped out of the Qnexa study arm due to side effects (2%) wih only 8% total non-completers for any reason. Dropouts for topiramate alone were 14%, phentermine alone 24%, and placebo 38%, indicating how well Qnexa was tolerated in this population.

VIVUS is currently undertaking additional formulation development for Qnexa to increase the convenience of patient dosing. Ultimately, the final Qnexa formulation will offer once-a-day, oral dosing utilizing advanced sustained and controlled release technology which will provide precision release of each active ingredient in order to maximize efficacy and tolerability.


More than 30% of American adults (more than 60 million people) are obese

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Obesity directly contributes to numerous life-threatening conditions: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and cancer

According to The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity, the cost of obesity in the U.S. in 2000 was more than $117 billion

With obesity at epidemic levels in the United States, there is a critical need for effective and safe therapeutics to assist individuals in losing weight and improving their overall health. To date, most obesity treatments on the market and currently in development have demonstrated limited efficacy and considerable side effects, creating a significant need in this important medical sector. In response to this need, VIVUS is advancing a proprietary obesity therapeutic, Qnexa™. In a recent clinical trial conducted at Duke University, Qnexa demonstrated nearly double the weight loss in less than half the time as compared to the leading obesity drug in development. Clinical data also indicates that Qnexa may potentially offer a significantly improved side effect profile as compared to other therapeutic options.


The world wide obesity therapeutic market is currently estimated to be approximately $1 billion

Analysts estimate that the markets for new obesity therapeutics Acomplia and APD356 are also $1 billion

Analysts speculate that the total potential obesity drug market is between $5 billion and $10 billion annually



it wasn't a free trial. It was a clinical trial study. The study is already complete now. It was a year long study for qnexa. They monitored me while I tested their medication.
i am thinking about taking qnexa...did you have head aches any health problems.
no, not really. Bp was high when I first started, but after losing weight it went to normal.
Hi I would like to know if you had any side effects from this pill. Can you get it from your doctor? Did you feel sick at all? Any information would be helpful. Thanks
not enough side effects to make me stop the meds. Dry mouth, constipation, moodiness, altered food/drink taste. More pros than cons for me. I loved the results.
Hi do you know where i could buy qnexa? i weigh about 250 pounds and i would love to try this.
you can't buy it yet. Its waiting approval from the fda. If it passes, then it will probably be available by prescription only.
Did youhave any side effects when you where on Qnexa. I really need to lose weight and I have tried everything. Last week I seen this on the Dr. OZ show and figured that Qnexa was already out. I know once I start this will help me and motivate me to keep eating right and exercise. Did this cut your appetite? Did you do any type of exercise?
I am a Diabetic and 45 lbs over weight would this be good for me? How would I go about getting it?
how did these pills make you feel? I was on phinetamine I hate those CRAZY PILLS
How did you get Qnexa?
Please let me know when and how I may order Qnexa?
send info on qnexa
where can I buy qnexa? I have tried just about every diet out there including WW at least 6 times over the years.
It's not available yet. They said they would make a decision by mid April but so far they have not. Once it's finally approved hopefully they won't mess around and will get it out there so that we can get it from our doctors.
Please let me know where and when I can buy Qnexa.
where can i buy qnexa
I am overweight which has caused to go into depression which also causes panic attacks. I am asking for help to lose this weight for once and for all. I want to avoid surgery at all cost. Please help me!
Everything I have read says that a decision would be made by mid April on Qnexa and that it seemed promising that it would be approved. Mid April has come and gone and still no approval. What is the hold up? It's been a long time since we have had a decent weight loss pill and I just can't imagine this day and age that someone can't come up with something that is safe.
I would love to get some Qnexa as soon as possible. I weigh 276 lb (5'1"). and desperately need to lose this weight. I need some help now. Please someone let me know
Looking forward to Qnexa being approved in the US. I am 5'7" and weigh 300lbs. I am considered morbidly overweight and have tried so many different avenues to lose this extra weight. Losing my job, going through a divorce, and feeling as if I am worthless has created the excesses in weight and depression from the weight gain. I know that Qnexa will be the answer to help me "love me" and give me the strength from within to be happy.