Spot-Check Blood Pressure Monitor Measures Signs In Seconds

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Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Ri-vital® from Riester is the new portable spot-check monitor that provides reliable and fast measurements of non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate and blood oxygen level with exceptional accuracy. This German-engineered blood pressure monitoring technology, designed for clinics, hospitals and outpatient treatment.

It provides simultaneous vital sign results in seconds for on-the-spot patient assessment, including a special mode for measuring newborns’ NIBP and an optional infrared thermometer for measuring temperature. The blood pressure checker features a simple, easy-to-use menu and results are displayed on a large and bright LCD.


Ri-vital® is portable, lightweight and protected by a shock resistant casing and shock absorbing interior attachments; a mobile stand is available as an additional accessory. A wide range of cuffs and different sensor sizes are available and the ergonomic design provides easy storage for the cuffs, sensors and cords. ri-vital® is powered by a durable, lithium-ion rechargeable battery that ensures a sustained, high-power performance.

The ri-vital® portable spot-check monitor has been engineered to protect against the shock of impact due to a fall or other incidents, ensuring continued reliable and fast readings of a patient’s vital signs.

Written by Katherine Livesey
Halma PR

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