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Colorado Governor Praised For Long Term Care Awareness Campaign

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Colorado Governor and long term care insurance

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance commended Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. who announced a new campaign encouraging Coloradans to start planning now for their future long-term care needs. The State of Colorado has partnered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help Coloradans with the long term care planning process through the Own Your Future campaign.

"We praise this visionary leader for promoting the importance of long term care planning," stated Jesse Slome, the Association's Executive Director. "Over 100,000 Colorado residents already own long-term car insurance, " Slome notes, "and the new outreach effort will help educate many more people about this important issue." Nationwide, some 8.25 million Americans own long-term care insurance.

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"Coloradans are living longer healthier lives due to advancements in science, medicine and health education," said Governor Bill Ritter. "There is nothing more important than taking care of your health, and as your Governor, there is nothing more important to me than ensuring strong, healthy futures for all Coloradans. Over the past two years, we've taken a number of steps to ensure health care is more affordable and accessible for all residents of our state and emphasizing the importance of long-term care planning is a critical part of that effort."

The Own Your Future campaign is led by The Colorado Partnership for Long-Term Care. The Partnership is a public/private arrangement between long-term care insurers, Colorado's Medicaid program, the Division of Insurance, the Department of Human Services and the citizens of Colorado. It enables Colorado residents who purchase Long-Term Care Partnership insurance to have more of their assets protected if they later need the state Medicaid program to help pay for their long-term care. Through the Partnership Coloradans have greater control over how they finance their long-term care.

As part of the program Coloradans between the ages of ages 45 to 65 will receive a letter from Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. about the Own Your Future campaign. The letters will include information about how to order a free planning kit as a first step to managing future long-term care needs. The planning kits are a great tool to help Coloradans make smart, safe decisions about long-term care.

Coloradans seeking more information on long term care insurance can visit the online Consumer Information Center from the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance http://www.aaltci.org.