The Importance of Finding a Legitimate, Registered Nursing School

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Tough economic times mean that things are happening that are often unimaginable. The crime rate is up in many cities and even simple or petty crimes are up in their numbers as people are searching for any way possible to make some money. It seems to be affecting every industry and facet of life - scary but true! That’s why it should come as no surprise that even the nursing industry is being hit hard by the crimes that people are committing. There are companies out there posing as legitimate nursing schools that simply aren’t and that means that people are spending their hard earned money for nothing.

The nursing field is in high demand and offers very good base salaries all across the U.S., and so the demand for affordable nursing programs continues to rise. As people search for good nursing programs, it’s important to ensure that they do their part to find a program that is not only affordable but also recognized and even recommended. There have been an increase of nursing students who put their trust and their money into nursing programs, and even sat through classes in preparation for their licensing exams and boards, only to find out that these were not true programs.

Protect Yourself Against a Fake Nursing Program


One such incident occurred in Brooklyn earlier this year; individuals were out 10 months and thousands of dollars because they invested their time and money into a program that did not really exist, and was not registered for the state. This is not an isolated incident, either as companies and even individuals see a way to make a quick buck, knowing that any possible consequences won’t hit until much later, and by then these scammers are far away and often nearly untraceable.

While most nursing programs are legitimate and offer the curriculum and preparation necessary for the licensing exams or boards, it can be quite helpful - and a real time and money saver - to do your research. Even if a program or school seems affordable or on the up and up, do your part to perform extensive research just to be safe. Look into the accreditation, record of the program, and ask a lot of questions. Looking for reviews or asking others in the field for their recommendations can come in very handy. Check with state authorities and exam and licensing boards. Do all of this before you ever register and certainly before any money is spent.

It is well worth the effort to protect yourself and ensure that you don’t end up in a program that sounds too good to be true and is just that. There is a lot of work that a company or individual would have to go to in order to create a “fake” program or school, but in tough economic times it is quite possible. Protect yourself and do your part to search into the very best option that is sure to offer you everything you are looking for.

Written by Mary Ward who writes about various healthcare career topics, including how to choose among online surgical tech programs.