Patient Doctor Phone Consultations Can Solve Health Care

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With rising healthcare costs and longer waiting room delays, a visit to the doctor is becoming increasingly expensive, inconvenient, and unpleasant. Pair this trend with the fact that 70% of doctor visits are informational and many patients may begin to wonder if there isn’t a better, easier, way to receive medical care.

A new solution, Doctors on Demand, has harnessed cutting edge IVR, speech recognition, and internet technologies to tackle the growing problem of the high cost and lost productivity that surrounds modern-day doctor visits. With Doctors on Demand, people are connected with a doctor immediately using the telephone. Patients can then receive a diagnosis as well as medical prescriptions.

“When it comes to minor ailments or injuries, informational sessions, and other everyday medical needs, Doctors on Demand makes it easier to keep ourselves healthy,” said David Gonen, COO of Doctors on Demand. “There has been an increase in patients who do not seek treatment at all because of their financial constraints or work hours – our company hopes to offer people in those tough situations an alternative that can keep them well without missing work or breaking the bank.”


While other telemedicine services may take hours to locate a doctor who is near the computer and able to review the patient’s medical history, Doctors on Demand’s works in real-time to efficiently connect patients and doctors. The advanced IVR automatically searches for an available physician matching the patients' selections (ie. language, specialty, location, and fee.) Doctors on Demand puts a premium on simplicity to the user and does not require a computer, software or video equipment. All that is required is the telephone.

“Our high-tech software not only improves the current state of telemedicine, but also opens up a number of groundbreaking possibilities in the future,” said Gonen. “This system virtually eliminates the lag time that exists between the moment a patient reports their needs and when they start talking to a licensed physician. And this solution is global – it breaks barriers between countries and languages, a vital feature for our clients who need medical care or advice while traveling abroad.”

Doctors on Demand in effect digitizes the normal office visit, complete with a telephonic patient medical history. In addition, the automated Doctors on Demand system allows patients to leave public feedback about their experience. Doctors can dictate voice notes for a patient’s medical record. Both of these features allow for better communication and better overall results for patients.

Telephone based care is not new in healthcare, in fact physicians have been utilizing the telephone with patients for decades. Doctors on Demand aims to revolutionize the practice using the latest technology to simplify and enhance the patient-physician telephone encounter. The physician benefits from an easy, flexible way to earn income on their own schedule. Physicians can update in realtime their availability for consults via telephone IVR or web. For the patient we offer a simple, immediate way to reach a physician.

Doctors on Demand is arriving at a pivotal period in the U.S. healthcare system. President Obama, as well as top health care figures, have declared their goal to cut the growth of national health-care spending in the coming years through the use of new technologies. Clearly Doctors on Demand is one of such technologies that can reduce cost and improve access in healthcare.