HCG Diet Says Energy Drink Warnings Shift Choices

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HCG Diet Direct representatives are seeing more and more nervous consumers. The recent FDA warnings against popular diet and energy pills have caused a shift in the market. The majority of supplements pinpointed by the FDA as dangerous are meant to provide boosts of energy or long lasting energy allowing the user to lean out quickly. FDA warnings against the ill effects that accompany many popular choices have left a large portion of dieters turning from the energy pill based dieting methods and focusing on homeopathic dietary treatments.

One popular alternative that is benefitting from the recent discontent the FDA left with dieters after their fatalistic warnings is HCG.

Jenny Boynton of HCG Diet Direct explained the product, “HCG is a natural phenomenon. It is a substance that is actually found naturally in the human body; it already has a physiological place…a function. HCG dieters are not asked to take in any foreign substances in order to lose weight. And the HCG offers results far beyond any of the other, non-natural methods people have turned to in recent years. Most HCG dieters will drop an average of a pound a day.”


HCG’s physiological function is to work (together with the Hypothalamus) to stimulate the part of the brain that deals with eating and drinking as well as emotions. While on the HCG, dieters are required to stick to a very low calorie diet (the allowed intake is 500 calories a day). This type of low calorie diet is usually nearly impossible to navigate successfully, but the HCG’s re-introduction into the body gives dieters the ability to function with the small amount of calories without hunger issues.

HCG’s safety is first and foremost in the minds of many consumers as they turn away from more dangerous options and look instead to the natural and lasting effects HCG offers. The substance has no side effects and comes with an amazing history of case studies outlining the average weight loss success. Male dieters often see even higher averages of weight loss than their female counterparts and both male and female dieters are able to keep their weight off by fulfilling the maintenance requirements after they have successfully navigated the HCG weight loss program.

At HCG Diet Direct dieters are able to confidently approach their weight loss goals. The company offers a very thorough online information section regarding HCG, the dietary program and related topics and dieters are able to take advantage of the popular HCG Diet Direct cookbook in order to help them stick to the very low calorie diet while enjoying the foods required on the meal plan. For questions please contact Jenny Boynton at HCG Diet Direct, [email protected] or 1-602-330-7655. And feel free to visit the website at www.hcgdietdirect.com.

Written by Clint Ethington
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Can u drink beverages that are sugarfree and contain aspartame? If not why?
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Sugar free is a better option, yes. Aspartame is also fine, though some people think it may not be safe. The thing about energy drinks is the caffeine effect. Plus, drinking beverages gives empty calories - not much nutrition, compared to eating healthy food.
There is certainly a great deal to know about this issue. I love all the points you've made.